Ron Newell | Zoning Official & Code Enforcement Officer | | Call 856-546-2580

Ron grew up in Haddon Heights and graduated from Haddon Heights High School in 1968. He worked for Verizon for 33 years and retired as a Data Base Manager in 2003. He was hired as the Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer in April of 2008. He has 2 children and 2 grandchildren, all Haddon Heights residents.


To register a foreclosure or vacant property (or to file a citizen complaint regarding a property issue), please visit http://community.prochamps.com/nj/camden/haddon-heights-borough.  Any questions with respect to registration requirements, registration status, etc. should be directed to .  


Zoning Ordinance Contents and Review Procedures

The scope of the Zoning and Land Development Ordinanceof Haddon Heights includes the following:

  • Regulates and limits the uses of land and the uses and locations of buildings and structures
  • Restricts the height and bulk of buildings
  • Determines the area of yards and open spaces
  • Regulates the density of housing and population
  • Divides the borough into districts, adopting a map showing boundaries and classifications
  • Establishes regulations governing the subdivision and development of land

The actual ordinance is very comprehensive and should be referred to for the full text and detailed explanations. Copies may be purchased from the Zoning Officer and the Borough Clerk.

The Zoning Officer should be your primary contact for information and initial interpretation of any aspect in the ordinance. For any proposed work, a Zoning Application must be filed for review by the Zoning Officer. After the Zoning Officer has reviewed it, you may be directed to one or more review boards and be given the appropriate application forms for the work you are proposing. There are specific submission requirements depending on the type of work being proposed.

Almost every review starts with an analysis of the existing and proposed work relative to the zone in which the property is located. There are sections of the ordinance which delineate the zoning districts with their applicable rules and regulations. Once the nature of the review is determined, there are instructions and checklists for each review. The procedures for the submissions and reviews are also detailed in respective sections of the ordinance.

The Secretary of the Board will provide you with application forms and checklists. These must be followed precisely, be sure to understand all of the required elements of the submission. It is usually recommended that an attorney be consulted or retained for anything but the most simple application. This is because there are elements of the Haddon Heights Land Use and Zoning Ordinance is part of the municipal code and has parts which are based on state land use laws.

Certificate of Continued Occupancy Application

Concrete/Fencing Permit Application

Planning and Zoning Information

Zoning Application