Shade Tree Commission

All meetings are held in the Service Operations Facility Conference Room, 514 W. Atlantic Avenue.

Borough statute states that no curbside tree can be removed, either by Public Works or a private contractor, without the approval of our town arborist (Steve Dorsey).

A walking arboretum: trees in Haddon Heights.

Haddon Heights Shade Tree Planting List

Mission Statement

The Haddon Heights Shade Tree Commission’s mission is to undertake a vigorous and comprehensive tree management program to enhance the quality of life within the borough through the maintenance of a healthy stock of curbside trees. This overall mission has many aspects:

  • Yearly planting of appropriate new trees in suitable curbside locations
  • Continuous removal of dead or dangerous trees from curbside locations
  • Steadily increasing the overall net shade canopy along the borough’s streets (that is, planting more young threes than removing old or diseased ones)
  • Participating in special events of a cultural or historic nature that relate to shade tree maintenance
  • Promoting public awareness of the health and economic benefits of tree-lined streets
  • Promoting coordination and cooperation among civic groups, borough government functions, and private citizens for the purpose of achieving the above tasks
  • Working closely with the Public Works Department, Borough Council liaison, and the mayor’s office in all activity planning
  • Formally reporting on an annual basis to borough government on the efforts and progress made in undertaking the objectives of this mission statement
  • On an annual basis, formally evaluating the effectiveness of the past year’s activities toward accomplishing the objectives of this mission statement
  • On an annual basis, formally proposing new measures to borough government to achieve these objectives of this mission statement

Members include:

  • Scott Schreiber
    Bob Hunter
    Roni Olizi
    Carol Larro
    Steve Dorsey