PSE&G Safety message for Snow & Cars

PSE&G Safety Message – Removing all of the ice and snow before the vehicle moves is not only essential for the safety of the drive, but also for the safety of others that will be driving beside and behind you. It is also the law in New Jersey. Drivers can be fined for not clearing snow and ice from vehicles.

Snow blowing from vehicles presents a very significant safety hazard for those driving beside and behind a vehicle that has not removed all the snow. The blowing snow obstructs the view of other drivers and can lead to accidents.

Ice also presents a significant hazard to those driving beside and behind vehicles. Tractor trailers present the greatest hazard for this as has been the case for PSE&G several years ago when a chunk of ice flew off a tractor trailer and struck the windshield of a PSE&G vehicle. Our driver was able to safely stop the vehicle, and was protected by safety glasses he was wearing. (see picture).

Hazard recognition should be part of our every task at hand. If you see vehicles with snow and Ice blowing from vehicle, slow down move over and let them go by.

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