Overnight Parking

On streets, parking within most of the railroad corridor and parking in Borough lots is prohibited or restricted between Midnight and 5:00 am within the Borough. There are a few exceptions to these limitations they are, limited basis, extended parking and permit parking.


1) Limited Basis

On a limited basis residents can call their vehicle in for one night, for such reasons as a guest who will be staying overnight or a motor vehicle is disabled. The number to call is 856-784-9161. Make sure you access the Haddon Heights Parking mailbox and leave the requested information. Officers will issue a summons if they note abuse.


2) Extended Parking

Residents can call the Police Department and ask to be placed on the Extended Parking list. Some of the acceptable reasons are construction to the driveway prohibits parking
or a guest will be staying at the residence for an extended period and there is no room
in the driveway to park their vehicle. To place a vehicle on the extended list call
856-547-0614 M-F 9a–5p.


3) Permit Parking

The last exception is a permit parking. Residents who do not have room in their private driveway to park all their vehicles or tenants who do not have access to a parking area can apply for parking permits at the Borough Hall. After the application is completed it is submitted for approval.

The fee for the application is $25 per permit if there is no room on your property to construct or add onto your driveway according to current zoning laws. If there is room to construct or add onto your driveway according to current zoning laws the fee is $100, per permit. Please note the fee is non-refundable.

All vehicles must be registered to the residence and have a current registration and valid insurance. Borough officials will confirm the information on the application. It is suggested that you read the application and speak with the Chief or Captain of Police to assure the permit will be approved prior to paying the non-refundable application fee.

Some applicants who live adjacent to Zones A through E will be given permits to park in those zones. Zones A through E are not considered on street parking.

Residents should be aware that when it is snowing or predicted to snow all On Street parking is prohibited making the three exceptions to on street parking null and void.


Please note this is just a brief overview of the Boroughs Parking Ordinance.
Please see the Borough Code and Permit Application for a more in-depth
explanation. Additionally, in all instances vehicles must be parked, insured
and registered in accordance with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Code Title
39 to be parked in any of these areas.