February is “Love Your Library’ month and the Haddon Heights Library gives residents many reasons to love them. Downloadable e-books, museum passes, Blu-Rays, DVDs, children’s programming, high speed internet access and free notary service are just a few of the many services and products available from the library.

The library has provided all of this and more to try and offer our patrons with the services and materials that they deserve. We are very proud of all our offerings, but we recognize the help the residents give us each year through donations to help make them possible. The support the residents of Haddon Heights have given the library over the years shows us how much you love your library and pushes us to deliver as many services as we can afford.

With February being “Love Your Library” month, we must appeal to you again and ask for as generous a donation you can afford. Please keep your eyes peeled, as our solicitation letter will be hitting your mailbox in February. Without your support, we could not deliver the services you deserve. For more information about the library or how to donate, please call us at 547-7132.

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