June 21, 2016

                                                                                     BOROUGH OF HADDON HEIGHTS

                                                                                                       Tuesday, June 21, 2016

                                                                                                        Governing Body Meeting Minutes


Council President Lange called the meeting to Order at 7:00 p.m. and noted that Mayor Merryfield would be present for the Business Session of the meeting and then read the following statement:


“In accordance with Section 5 of the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 231, P.L. 1975, notice of this meeting was posted on the bulletin board designed for that purpose and notice was transmitted to the official newspapers provided by Resolution adopted January 2, 2016.”




Council President Kathy Lange asked Borough Clerk Santosusso for the roll call.


Under roll call, Council President Kathy Lange, Councilwomen Susan Griffith and Jackie Valvardi were present as well as Councilmen Stephen Berryhill, Rick DiRenzo and Vince Ceroli.  Solicitor Albert Olizi, Jr., Borough Clerk Kelly Santosusso and Deputy Borough Clerk Katilyn Compton were also present.  Mayor Merryfield advised he would not be present for Caucus Session.




Council President Lange asked Councilmembers if they had any questions or comments regarding this evening’s Agenda.


Councilman DiRenzo asked why there were so many bills in the bill list for the 4th of July Parade.  He said that it is state law not to pay for services that have not been rendered.  Councilwoman Griffith said that the checks would not be mailed out until the day following the Parade and that they are only on the Agenda for approval this evening.  Councilman DiRenzo wanted to be sure the checks were not going to be distributed at the Parade.


Councilman DiRenzo asked if there was any luck receiving reimbursement monies for the recent windstorm that took down so many trees in town a couple of weeks ago.  Superintendent John Ellis indicated that we had not received any reimbursement as of yet.


Councilman DiRenzo went on to ask if there was a breakdown of the intended purchases the reappropriating bond monies were going to be used for.  Borough Clerk indicated that she met with the Finance Committee and has the information which she will provide.  It was explained that the Ordinance does not typically include an itemization of expenditures.  Councilman DiRenzo reiterated that he would like to see the breakdown.  Santosusso said she would be happy to provide the information to Councilman DiRenzo.


Proposal to Contract with AOS to Replace Borough Copiers – Councilman Ceroli


Councilman Ceroli said that he reviewed the Borough’s contracts with Konica Minolta and determined that the Borough could realize a savings of approximately $2,000 per year by contracting with AOS for Borough copiers.  He added that an additional benefit would be that AOS would buy the Borough out of the existing contract that in which we paid $7,700 last year on lease payments and toner.  He said that labor, parts, supplies and service would be included.  Discussion ensued regarding one of the machines that we received from Konica Minolta having several problems.  Councilman DiRenzo asked if AOS was on state contract.  DiRenzo said that he thought we needed to be 10% below state contract to utilize the company. DiRenzo asked the frequency of their service.  Ceroli said that we are looking at spending close to $8,000 this year.  He also mentioned that  there is a service agreement on the older machine that is down at the Service Operations Facility that is not included in the figure.  He said that the machines are made by Kyocera.  Council President asked if Borough Hall could have a test run of the equipment prior to executing a lease agreement.  Councilman DiRenzo suggested that we get references from other offices with these machines prior signing anything.  Olizi suggested that we review state contract to see if AOS is there.  If not, we would need two additional quotes.


Council President Lange ended Caucus session at 7:20 p.m. and then announced that the Business Session would commence downstairs at 7:30 p.m.


Mayor Merryfield arrived to the meeting.





Mayor Merryfield called the business session to order at 7:30 p.m.





Mayor Merryfield asked all to stand for a moment of silence and then led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.





Mayor Merryfield asked called for Public Comment on Caucus and Agenda items only.


Seeing no one come forward for comment, a motion to close the Public Comment portion of the meeting was made by Councilwoman Griffith, seconded by Councilman Ceroli.  All members were in favor.





Mayor Merryfield asked for a motion to approve the Minutes of the June 8, 2016 Council Meeting as amended.  A motion was made by Councilman Berryhill, seconded by Councilman Ceroli.   Councilwoman Griffith and Councilman DiRenzo abstained.  All members present were in favor.




Councilman Berryhill introduced Christopher Linaris who has attended two Municipal Alliance meetings has been recommended for appointment to the Committee.   Mayor appointing Chris to the Municipal Alliance.


Councilman Berryhill reported that the Municipal Alliance hosted a prescription drug abuse and how to dispose of drugs no longer needed.   He said there was a pharmacist from the area who gave the lecture.  He said that he thought there were approximately 20 in attendance.


Berryhill also reported on Zoning and Construction.  He explained that he has followed up with some residents on S. Park Avenue who had concerns regarding the construction at DelBuonos. After a few discussions with the Mayor and these residents, all seem to be somewhat pleased with the direction in which the complaints are being addressed.


Councilwoman Griffith reported on the Police Department.  She mentioned that capital improvements will be utilizing the funds for the RMS system, purchasing a personal suite, which is scheduling software to attach to the module already in place, a video automatic download and streamlight handgun weapon lights.


She also wanted to make everyone aware that Patrolman Brett Lightner was injured in an off duty incident over the weekend.  She announced that he would be having surgery and asked all to keep him in their thoughts.


Griffith reported that she will be meeting with the Chief of the Fire Department over the next few weeks egarding the Fire Marshall and Inspector positions that will need to be will be filled following the retirement of Tim Daly.


Councilwoman Griffith read a letter from Chief Scardino to Steve Bach, Borough Engineer thanking him for his professional opinion and drawings at no cost to the Borough.  Griffith submitted letter to be attached to these minutes.


Councilwoman Griffith then reported on Barrington Ambulance – 72 calls for service answered in HH with 50 being transported, average response time 1.46 mins.  Average on location time was 4.92 minutes.  She submitted the report to the Clerk to be attached to these minutes.


Griffith then reported on the Neighbors Night Out Committee– She said that signage has been installed on Kings Highway; the sign has a slot for events that are typically held in Haddon Heights.  She said that all should take a look at the sign as it looks very nice.


She also mentioned that the Neighbors Night Out Committee has been a supporter and sponsor to the Farmer’s Market, Reading time at the Library and some activities for kids at the Farmer’s Market.  She added that the NNO Committee helped sponsor three (3) elementary school gardens.  The children were very knowledgeable about the garden and what was growing.


Griffith announced the annual Spaghetti Dinner will be held Sunday, September 18th.  There is no definite rain date as of yet.


She said that she is still waiting for a start date from PSE&G for the installation of electric on the lighting poles in the business district on Kings Highway.


Griffith reported that she is finalizing details for the 4th of July Parade.  She happily announced that she asked Tim Daly, who is retiring from the Fire Department, to be the Grand Marshall.  She said that we will have our Queen and her Court again and said she is thankful to all of the volunteers for their help.  She said that the After Party will be immediately following the Parade at Hoff’s Playground.  She said there will be moonbounces, facepainting, a D.J., vendors will be there selling hot dogs, ice cream etc.  Griffith said that should it rain on July 4th, the raindate will be Saturday, July 9th.  She said that she wanted all to be aware that regardless of the weather, the 5K Run is a rain or shine event.  Should the Parade be called off due to rain; the 5K Firecracker Run will take place.


There was no report on Environmental Commission as she was unable to attend the meeting due to an injury to her foot.  She said she is hoping to attend the next meeting.


Councilman DiRenzo asked if the signage for events is limited to Haddon Heights civic or non-profit organizations.  Discussion ensued as to whether there are formal regulations in place and whose responsibility it should be in making decisions as to what signs go up and when.  Currently, the signage decisions are being made by Mark Zito of Art Sign.  It was determined that some of the signs can go on other entrance signs to Haddon Heights.  Council President said that she thought there were some procedures discussed around the time that a banner schedule was put together.  Councilwoman Griffith asked Kelly Santosusso to look into whether there are formal procedures.  Mayor Merryfield and Solicitor Olizi said that there should be procedures in place.

Councilwoman Griffith said that NNO is looking into another gateway Welcome to Haddon Heights sign on the White Horse Pike near CVS.


Council President Lange announced that there will be a bid opening on July 29th at 11:00 a.m. for the Field Lighting at Devon Avenue project.  She said a proposal will come to Council at the July 5th Council meeting.  Bid documents can be examined at Borough Hall.


Lange reported that the Summer Rec staff training took place on Saturday, June 18th .  She noted that she utilized suggestions from Risk Management, League of Municipalities and the Garden State Municipal Joint Insurance Fund, other professional organizations as well as her expertise.  She announced that the Summer Rec Program began today.  She thanked Superintendent John Ellis for getting lights in the Cabin shed and electrical plugs.  She also thanked the Police Department for use of the radios.


Lange said that residents have given several donations which help to keep costs down for the Summer Rec Program.  She added that she sends thank you notes if she knows who made the donation.  Otherwise, she will place a generic thank you in the Heights Report.


She said that we are getting very good publicity on our Pickleball proposal but are having a little difficulty getting a date for a day and time for a demonstration.  Lange explained Pickleball:  It is played on a court smaller than tennis, solid paddle, larger than a ping pong paddle but smaller than a tennis paddle, with a ping pong ball with holes in it.  It can be played as singles and doubles.  She said that 15 locations in South Jersey who are running a Pickleball program.


She said she wanted to recognize the Board of Education for their assistance with the Borough fields.  Cut the fields, apply relevant applications and give us in kind services.  Board of Ed is one of the team members that help with the Borough fields.


She said that our Rentals continue to be strong and noted that we even had a mid-week rental in the Cabin this week.


She said she provided the information to our Borough Engineer on the report submitted to Council by the Joint Insurance Fund regarding the request for the additional window at the concession stand.


Lange thanked for the repairs to Barr complex as a result of the last storm.


Inventory Map from the Environmental Committee is complete.  She explained that the map is a drawing of all park land in the Borough.  On the back of the map, listed is every field, every sport played on each field, wildlife, birds and plantlife, etc.  She said that sustainable Haddon Heights did a wonderful job on the map.


Councilwoman Valvardi had no report this evening.


Councilman Ceroli had no report this evening


Councilman DiRenzo reported that there was a very good article in the South Jersey Magazine about abandoned homes in South Jersey.  Olizi said he had a copy of it if anyone wanted to see it.


Councilman DiRenzo commented on the Haddon Heights High School graduation saying his son graduated.  He said that the Mayor was in attendance.  Mayor Merryfield said that the graduation was very well attended and that the Valevictorian had a unique story to tell.  Council President Lange noted that the Valevictorian was a past Summer Rec counselor.





Steve Bach said that a written report was distributed and will rely on that written report and asked if anyone had any questions.


He then mentioned the TCDI Joint Study involving Audubon, Haddon Heights and Oaklyn for a multipurpose use pathway along the Atlantic Avenue corridor.  He said that he thought the best option with regard to stripping, signage would be a “share the road” approach:  Motorists share the road, stay at 25 miles per hour while driving through the corridor.  He said once all this is complete, they will try to secure funding to cover the costs of signage and stripping.


Councilman DiRenzo asked about an accident at railroad crossing in Audubon last evening.  Discussion ensued about what has been done by Audubon at the various crossings.


Councilman DiRenzo asked about the sewer line inspection on Kings Highway.  Bach said he addressed this at the last meeting noting that he cannot certifiy the sanitary sewer lines.  Nothing is failing at this point but we cannot certify it to the extent that the County would like for them to go ahead with the repaving of the Kings Highway.  Until such time that both Audubon and Haddon Heights can be certified, the paving will likely not take place.  Bach said that he will work with Councilman Berryhill in his role as Intergovernmental liaison to continue to work with the County on this endeavor.




Solicitor Olizi announced that due to a problem with the advertising, Public Hearing and Final Adoption of Ordinance 2016:1432 – An Ordinance of the Borough of Haddon Heights, County of Camden, New Jersey, Re-Appropriating Certain Funded Appropriation Balances Heretofore Provided for Various Capital Projects and Re-Appropriating Such Funded Appropriation Balances for Other Capital Projects has been rescheduled for Tuesday, July 5, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. in the Municipal Building, 625 Station Avenue, Haddon Heights, New Jersey.


Public Hearing and Final Adoption of Ordinance 2016:1433 – The Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance


Mayor Merryfield opened the Public Hearing on Ordinance 2016:1433.  Seeing no one come forward for comment, a motion was made to close the public hearing by Councilwoman Susan Griffith, seconded by Councilman Berryhill.  All members were in favor.


A motion to adopt Ordinance 2016:1433 was made by Councilwoman Valvardi, seconded by Councilman DiRenzo.  All members were in favor.





Resolution 2016:148 – Resolution Appointing Christopher Linaris to the Haddon Heights Municipal Alliance

A motion to adopt Resolution 2016:148 was made by Councilwoman Berryhill, seconded by Councilwoman Griffith.  All members present were in favor.


Resolution 2016:149 – Resolution Approving Tax Exemption Status for Disabled Veteran and a Tax Refund

A motion to adopt Resolution 2016:149 was made by Council President Lange, seconded by Councilwoman Valvardi.  Under a roll call vote, all members voted in favor.


Resolution 2016:150 – Resolution Authorizing a Cabin Rental Refund

A motion to adopt Resolution 2016:150 was made by Council President Lange, seconded by Councilwoman Griffith.  Under a roll call vote, all members voted in favor.


Resolution 2016:151 – Resolution Authorizing the Payment of Bills and Claims for Second Half of June

A motion to adopt Resolution 2016:151 was made by Councilwoman Griffith, seconded by Councilman Ceroli.  Under a roll call vote, all members were in favor with the exception of Councilman DiRenzo who abstained on payments to Veddor, LLC and a mileage reimbursement for the Zoning Officer.


Resolution 2016:152 – Resolution Authorizing Summer Rec Refund

A motion to adopt Resolution 2016:152 was made by Council President Lange, seconded by Councilwoman Griffith.  Under a roll call vote, all members voted in favor.

Mayor Merryfield asked Christopher Linaris to come forward to be sworn into office.  Mayor Merryfield read the Oath, with Christopher Linaris repeating after him.  Mayor Merryfield thanked




A motion to adopt Resolution 2016:147 was made by Council President Lange, seconded by Councilwoman Valvardi.  Under a roll call vote, all members present voted in favor.





Mayor Merryfield called for Public Comment on any matter.


Seeing no one come forward for comment, Councilwoman Griffith asked Councilman DiRenzo why he abstained on the payment to Veddor, LLC.  Councilman DiRenzo said that he was looking into something but did not elaborate further.  Councilman Berryhill then asked Councilman DiRenzo why he abstained on the mileage reimbursement to the Zoning Officer.  DiRenzo indicated that the supporting documentation was insufficient.


A motion to close the Public Comment portion of the meeting was made by Councilman Berryhill, seconded by Councilman Ceroli.   All members were in favor.


A motion to adjourn was made by Councilman Berryhill, seconded by Councilwoman Griffith.  All members were in favor.  8:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted:




Kelly Santosusso, RMC, Borough Clerk

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