January 2, 2007

Council President Trish Sheilds welcomed everyone to the 2007 Reorganization Meeting. She noted several dignitaries in attendance, among them were: Congressman Robert Andrews, Assemblyman Joseph Roberts, Camden County Freeholder Director Lou Cappelli, Freeholder O’Donnell, Surrogate Pat Jones, and former Council members David McCollum and Andrea Wyman.

Invocation was presented by Monsignor John Frey, St. Rose of Lima RC Church.

Council President Sheilds lead the audience in a salute to the flag.

She then stated, “That in accordance with Section 5 of the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 231, 1975, notice of this meeting was posted on the bulletin board designed for that purpose and notice was mailed to the official newspapers provided by resolution adopted by Mayor and Council, January 3, 2006”.

Oath of Office was administered by Michael G. Brennan, Esquire to Council President Trish Sheilds. Mr. Brennan is Sheilds’ uncle who served as Mayor of Collingswood for 12 years. She was joined by her mother, husband and 4 children.

Oath of Office was administered by Assemblyman Joseph J. Roberts, Jr. to Councilman Thomas H. Ottoson. He was joined by his wife, children and grandson.

Oath of Office was administered by Congressman Robert Andrews to Councilman-Elect Lee T. Wentz. Wentz was joined by his wife and 2 children.

All three received a rousing round of applause from all in attendance.

Council President Sheilds thanked residents for their confidence in her and thanked her family and Uncle Michael for their support. She also thanked the Democrat Party for backing her re-election and then thanked the employees for the great jobs the do in providing services to the residents. She said she will work honestly and plans on the whole council working together to meet their goals.

Councilman Ottoson thanked the voters and said he will keep their interest at heart. He also thanked his family for their support. He said he is working on shared services and solar power to make Haddon Heights the best it can be.

Councilman Wentz also thanked his family and residents for their support, saying, he hopes they will continue to give support.

Council President Sheilds asked if any of the dignitaries present would like to say a few words. Assemblyman Joseph Roberts congratulated everyone on their service to Haddon Heights. Roberts noted that this reorganization meeting is like no other in the world – noting it is a special democracy that people in other countries do not enjoy. He also said it is going to be a great year.

Freeholder Director Cappelli said that Camden County is a special place, with many special neighborhoods. He said the County is working with Haddon Heights on a flooding problem and will continue to work with the town, supporting the leadership. He congratulated everyone for their commitment to help Haddon Heights grow.

Under Roll Call the following council members were present: Councilmen Lee T. Wentz, Gordon Shopp, Thomas Ottoson and Donald Witzig, Councilwomen Barbara Cortese and Trish Sheilds. Borough Solicitor John B. Kearney was also present.

Under New Business the following items were voted upon:

Resolution 2007:01 – Resolution Appointing Fire Chief – Nicholas Scardino

Resolution 2007:02 – Resolution Appointing Chief of Ambulance Corps – John Zenuk

Resolution 2007:03 – Resolution Appointing Municipal Arborist – Steve Dorsey

Resolution 2007:04 – Resolution Appointing Court Administrator – Catherine Lawson

Resolution 2007:05 – Resolution Appointing Deputy Court Administrator – Michele Busarello

Resolution 2007:06 – Resolution Appointing Deputy Clerk – Patricia A. Cooper

Resolution 2007:07 – Resolution Appointing Deputy Treasurer – Joan D. Moreland

Resolution 2007:08 – Resolution Appointing Municipal Judge – Robert T. Zane

Resolution 2007:09 – Resolution Appointing Tax Collector – Andrea Penny

Resolution 2007:10 – Resolution Making Appointments for Vital Statistics Department – Joan D. Moreland, Registrar, Patricia A. Cooper, Deputy Registrar and Judith Bitner, Alternate- 3 yr. terms

Resolution 2007:11– Resolution Appointing the Auditor – Bowman & Company

Resolution 2007:12 – Resolution Appointing Bond Counsel – Parker McCay, PA

Resolution 2007:13 – Resolution Appointing Borough Solicitor –John B. Kearney, Esquire

Resolution 2007:14 – Resolution Appointing Borough Engineer – Remington & Vernick

Resolution 2007:15 – Resolution Appointing Professional Risk Manager – Hardenbergh Insurance

Resolution 2007:16 –Resolution Appointing Special Projects Engineer –Pennoni Associates, Inc. and Consulting Engineer Services.

Motion to adopt Resolutions 2007:01 through 2007:16 was made by Councilman Witzig, seconded by Councilwoman Cortese. All members were in favor.

Council President Sheilds issued the Oath of Office to the above appointees.

Resolution 2007:17 – Resolution Regarding Rules of Council.

Resolution 2007:18 – Resolution Authorizing Payment of Interest and Bonds

Resolution 2007:19 – Resolution Setting Interest Rate for 2007

Resolution 2007:20 – Resolution Concerning Haddon Heights Public Library Fees.

Resolution 2007:21 – Resolution Authorizing Use of a Cash Management Plan.

Resolution 2007:22 – Resolution Concerning Tax Search Clerk – Patricia A. Cooper.

Resolution 2007:23– Resolution Designating Person to Issue Local Improvement Certificates – Joan Moreland.

Motion to adopt Resolutions 2007:17 through 2007:23 was made by Councilman Shopp, seconded by Councilwoman Cortese. All members were in favor.

Resolution 2007:24 – Resolution Confirming the Attached 2007 Appointments.

Council President Sheilds read the names of everyone on a committee, including members of the Fire Department and Ambulance Corps. A motion to adopt Resolution 2007:24 was then made by Councilwoman Cortese, seconded by Councilman Witzig. All were in favor.

The Oath of Office was administered to the appointees by Council President Sheilds.

Councilman Witzig made a motion to nominate Trish Sheilds as President of Council. Motion was seconded by Councilman Ottoson. All were in favor.

Councilman Shopp made a motion for the following Chairmanships and Councilmatic Committees:

Administration/Personnel Donald Witzig, Chair, Lee Wentz, Gordon Shopp

Finance, Budgets & Grants Trish Sheilds, Chair, Thomas Ottoson, Gordon Shopp

Construction/Zoning Gordon Shopp, Chair, Thomas Ottoson, Barbara Cortese

Intergovernmental Lee Wentz, Chair, Trish Sheilds, Donald Witzig

Public Safety Thomas Ottoson, Chair, Barbara Cortese, Lee Wentz

Public Works Barbara Cortese, Chair, Donald Witzig, Thomas Ottoson

Parks/Recreation Trish Sheilds, Chair, Lee Wentz, Barbara Cortese

Motion was seconded by Councilman Wentz. All were in favor.

Resolution 2007:25 – Resolution Establishing Official Holidays

Resolution 2007:26 – Resolution Designating Flood Insurance Designee – Joan Moreland

Resolution 2007:27 – Resolution Designating Newspapers for Legal Advertising – Courier Post and The Retrospect.

Resolution 2007:28– Resolution Authorizing the Designation of Newspapers to Receive All Notices of Meetings as Required Under the Open Public Meetings Act – Courier Post and The Retrospect.

Resolution 2007:29 – Resolution Authorizing the Fixing of Charges for Notice of Meetings as Required by the Open Public Meetings Act

Resolution 2007:30 – Resolution Designating the Date, Time and Place of Council Meetings for 2007 in Accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act

Resolution 2007:31– Resolution Designating Depositories of Funds for Various Accounts

Resolution 2007:32 – Resolution Authorizing the Deputy Municipal Court Administrator to Act on Behalf of the Court Administrator in Her Absence

Resolution 2007:33 – Resolution Adopting the 2007 Temporary Budget

Resolution 2007:34 – Resolution Awarding a Contract to Animal Orphanage for Animal Shelter Services for 2007

Resolution 2007:35 – Resolution Authorizing Payment of Bills and Claims

Resolution 2007:36 – Resolution Appointing a Fund Commissioner and Alternate to the Camden County Joint Insurance Fund (Joan Moreland and Council President Trish Sheilds)

Resolution 2007:37 – Resolution Appointing Tax Assessor for Appeals – Thomas Glock

Resolution 2007:38 – Resolution Designating Depositories for Funds

Motion to adopt Resolutions 2007:25 through 2007:38 was made by Councilman Shopp, seconded by Councilman Ottoson. All were in favor.

With no further business to come before council, Council President Sheilds calls for remarks from council members at which time Councilman Shopp thanked everyone for coming tonight. He congratulated Trish, Tom and Lee and said he look forward to working with everyone this year.

During the public section, there were no remarks made.

Benediction was presented by Pastor Jack Slotterback, Ascension Lutheran Church.

With all business conducted, a motion to adjourn was made by Councilman Wentz, second by Councilman Ottoson. All were in favor.

_________________________________________ 7:40pm

Joan D. Moreland, Borough Clerk