Haddon Heights B.O.E. – Grade Level Schools – UPDATE 10/29/18


The Board of Education Curriculum Committee met and discussed the feedback received from the public.  This included information the public shared at the October 9, 2018 Board of Education meeting as well as emails the public sent to the Board of Education and Administration.  After participating in the Board of Education Curriculum Committee meeting, I have decided that I will not be making the recommendation to move to Grade Level Schools.  However, within our current K-6 configuration, Administration and the Board of Education will continue to research and explore ways to address some of the concerns the public has shared.  We appreciate all of the time the public has taken to share their thoughts on this matter and will be presenting ways we can possibly address some of the concerns that have been brought forward regarding the Elementary Schools at the November 13, 2018 Board of Education meeting (Seventh Avenue School multipurpose room at 7:30 pm).   

The PowerPoint presentation from the evening will be on the Haddon Heights School District website on November 14, 2018.  You can find the presentation from November 13, 2018 on the district website homepage by selecting the following menus:  District Info, Board of Education, and then Presentations.  

Michael Adams, Superintendent 

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