2019 Business Association Haddon Heights Calendars

The 2019 Haddon Heights Calendars were delivered mid December by the Business Association and Boy Scout Volunteers. 

If you have not received your calendar you can pick up a copy at the Borough Hall Admin Offices, Service Operations Facility Office, and the Library.

We ask that you please contact the Borough Hall (856-547-7164 ex. 3) or email if you did not receive your calendar, the staff will be keeping a list of names and addresses, to let the Business Association know of missed homes. 


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2 Responses to 2019 Business Association Haddon Heights Calendars

  1. Tom McIntyre says:

    My son works at the Noguchi Museum and would like a couple of calendars since a Noguchi sculpture is featured in the calendar. Can we buy 2 of them? Glad to pay postage.

    • Julie says:

      We have not yet received the 2019 calendars here at Borough Hall. If you wanted to come in and pick up a couple of extras that would not be a problem. I would suggest giving the office a call next week to make sure that we have the calendars available. 856-547-7164 ex 3

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