2018 Leaf Collection

Leaf Collection concludes this Friday, December 21st.

Fall is here and leaf season is just around the corner. As the leaves start changing that means they will soon start falling. Leaf collection will begin on October and run through December.


  • Lawn Service Contractors MUST remove leaves from your property.
  • Rake your leaves to the CURB. Please DO NOT place leaves in the street. Leaf piles in the street cause flooding and drainage problems during rainstorms.
  • DO NOT place leaves closer than 10 feet from any storm sewer inlet.
  • DO NOT park cars in front or on top of leaf piles, our trucks will not be able to pick up those leaves that are blocked.
  • DO NOT mix leaves and brush. Your can(s) will NOT be collected if it is mixed. When the trucks are taken to be dumped the dump can and will refuse our trucks if there is anything mixed in that is not allowed to be.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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8 Responses to 2018 Leaf Collection

  1. Patty Bradley says:

    How does a resident dispose of brush clippings after october 25th?

  2. Thomas Dromgoole says:

    How does Haddon Heights enforce the lawn service contractor removal of leaves from the property guideline?

    • Julie says:

      I would suggest reaching out to Ron Newell the Zoning Official to ask him about the process of enforcing this ordinance. Phone:856-546-2580 or Email:

  3. John Megaw says:

    I notice that several in town are putting mulched leaves at the curb. Does the town pick-up mulched leaves or only raked leaves.
    Thank you

  4. Sandy says:

    How do we dispose of Christmas trees? Can we place at the curb and if so when?

    Thank you

    • Julie says:

      You can put your Christmas tree out at the curb, it will be picked up with your regular brush pick up. If you have further questions I would suggest contacting the Dept of Public Works at 856-546-2580.

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